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AMS 2013 Fall Southeastern Sectional Meeting

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There is plenty to see and do in Louisville. It is seen as an emerging tourist destination: See the Lonely Planets and Minneapolis Star Tribune commentaries.

Lonely Planet has some things to say about Louisville.

Here is a link to a recent article about Louisville in the Minneapolis Star Tribune: Louisville: a winner of a vacation”, StarTribune, Aug. 2, 2013

The St. James Court Art Show will take place during the conference in a neighborhood adjacent (Old Louisville) to the campus. It's a big fair.

There are several museums on what is called “Museum Row” in downtown Louisville. These include the Louisville Slugger Museum, the Science Center, the Muhammad Ali Center, and the Frazier History Museum. Here is a link to Museum Row, one that contains links to the above (and to other museums).

Here is a link to the celebrated Louisville race track, a short drive from the campus: Churchill Downs

A nice drive along the Ohio River starts from downtown and goes along River Road to Prospect, Kentucky with good river views. Here is a map.