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AMS 2013 Fall Southeastern Sectional Meeting

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The conference will take at the Belknap campus of the University of Louisville. All Special Session talks will take place in the Bingham Humanities Building; the Invited Addresses will take place in the Natural Sciences Building. The Location and Parking Information page puts the parking lot for the conference in relation to the Humanities and Natural Sciences Building.

Hotel Shuttles & Taxis

Taxis are available from the hotels to the conference. Some of the hotels state that they can shuttle people to the conference but only if shuttles are available. Ask your hotel if they will take you to the conference, but be prepared to ask the hotel for help getting a taxi.

Yellow Cab (phone number (502) 636-5511; associated with Cardinal and Checker Cab) is reliable. You can ask to be taken to the Natural Sciences Building at the University of Louisville. (The Natural Sciences Building does not have a usable street address. You can use “University of Louisville, Natural Sciences Building” to create your own Google maps.)

Ask to be let off at the Natural Sciences Building. There is about a five-minute walk from Natural Sciences to the Humanities Building (where registration and the Special Sessions will take place).

Traffic Info

Attendees should note that the St. James Court Art Show will be taking place in Old Louisville, which is adjacent to the campus, to the north. Several streets will be blocked off the entire conference, including Third and Fourth Streets, main north/south routes linking the campus with the downtown. To avoid blockages and congestion, it is suggested that Brooks Street (which is several blocks east of Third Street) be used to get to from campus and downtown. Brooks Street is a two-way street. Because of the potential for delays due to the Art Show, we advise that you give yourself extra time in your commute to the conference.

From the Airport

If you are staying at a hotel near the airport (there are several in the vicinity of Phillips Lane), a route to parking is given in the link “from airport hotels to parking”. There shouldn't be a problem coming and going from these hotels early Saturday and Sunday morning (even with the altered traffic patterns created by the Art Fair).

TARC, the local public transportation provider, operates a bus route (#2 Northbound) that you can ride from the airport and hotels near Phillips Lane to the bus stop in front of the Natural Sciences Building on Eastern Parkway.

From Downtown

Here is a link to a suggested route from downtown to the parking lot: From downtown to conference parking

Parking: Aerial View

Here is a link to an aerial view of the parking lot (behind Speed School), Eastern Parkway (from which the parking lot can be accessed) and the Natural Sciences Building: Parking - aerial view. For further details, please see the Location and Parking Information page.