Graduate Student Frequent Questions & Answers

This page is an ongoing project. It will slowly grow to contain answers to the most common questions asked by Mathematics Department graduate students.

Departmental Degree Programs

  1. What are the requirements for the M.A. degree?

  2. What are the requirements for the Ph.D. degree?

  3. What is the joint M.S.P.H./Ph.D. degree?

  4. What is the accelerated M.A. degree for undergraduates?

M.A. Program Questions

  1. How do I choose a thesis advisor?

  2. What about an internship instead of a thesis or tests?

  3. How can I arrange for the testing option?

Ph.D. Program Questions

  1. What about the qualifier exams?

  2. What's an advisory committee?

GTA Questions

  1. What if I have to miss a class that I teach?

  2. What should I do if students ask me to let them into my class when it is closed?

General Questions

  1. What about GradList?