Mathematics M.A. Degree Requirements


Undergraduate coursework equivalent to a major in mathematics from an accredited university. This should include a one-year course in either analysis or abstract algebra, equivalent to Mathematics 501-502 and 521-522 at the University of Louisville. Candidates who have not taken both must complete the second in their M.A. program.

Degree Requirements:

  1. Candidates must complete a program of study approved by the department. All courses (up to a maximum of 12 semester hours) to be taken outside the Department of Mathematics must have prior departmental approval.

  2. All students must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours of non-thesis graduate credit, including at least 15 semester hours in the Department of Mathematics, with one full-year sequence, in courses numbered 601 through 689.

  3. Students must satisfy one of the following two requirements:

    1. a. (Examination Option): Pass written examinations in three areas of mathematics chosen from a list prepared by the department. At most two attempts are allowed. Examinations will be approved and administered by the departmental Graduate Studies Committee.
    2. b. (Thesis Option): Write a thesis on an advanced topic in the mathematical sciences. A total of two full-year sequences among courses numbered 601 through 689 must be completed.

  4. Students choosing the Thesis Option must pass a final oral examination described under "Requirements for the Master's Degree" in the General Information section of the Graduate School Catalog.