Doctor of Philosophy in Applied and Industrial Mathematics

Major: MATH
Degree: PHD
Unit: GA

Departmental Ph.D. Requirements

All students admitted to the program must complete the following or their equivalent:

  1. Core Courses (24 semester hours)
    1. Two sequences, each of six (6) semester hours, chosen from:

      Algebra MATH 621-622
      Combinatorics MATH 681-682
      Real Analysis MATH 601-602

    2. Two sequences, each of six (6) semester hours, chosen from:

      Applied Statistics MATH 665-667
      Mathematical Modeling MATH 635-636
      Probability & Mathematical Statistics MATH 660-662

  2. Additional Topics and Area of Specialization - 18 semester hours

    In addition to the core, an application area of 18 hours will be required. The courses may be in a department outside Mathematics. They will be chosen in consultation with the student's advisory committee.

  3. Qualifying Examinations

    Students must pass three written examinations. Two of these will be chosen from the areas Algebra, Combinatorics and Real Analysis. The third will be chosen from the areas of Applied Statistics, Mathematical Modeling and Probability & Mathematical Statistics. Normally, these will be taken within a year of completion of the core coursework. These examinations need not be taken together and each may be attempted at most twice.

  4. Industrial Internship - six (6) semester hours

    Each student, with prior approval of the Graduate Studies Director and the Industrial Internship Director, has to complete at least six (6) semester hours of an internship in an appropriate industrial or governmental setting, or have equivalent experience.

  5. Computing Project

    Each student must complete an approved computer project related to the student-s area of concentration.

  6. Candidacy Examination

    Each student must pass an oral examination in the chosen area of concentration. Usually, at most two attempts at passing this examination will be permitted. Students who wish to make a third attempt must petition the Graduate Studies Committee of the department for permission to do so.

  7. Dissertation - 18 to 24 semester hours

    A doctoral dissertation is required of each student.