How do I choose a thesis advisor?

There is no formal mechanism for connecting students with advisors. Usually, a student takes a class from a professor, likes the material or the professor, and asks the professor to become her advisor for a Masters thesis.

The professor is under no obligation to say yes, but most of the time an amicable arrangement can be reached.

When a professor agrees to be your advisor, please tell the Graduate Studies Director.

How can I arrange for the testing option?

The three testing areas are chosen by the departmental Graduate Studies Committee in consultation with the student. The easiest way to proceed is to suggest three testing area to the Graduate Studies Director, who will then put them before the Graduate Studies Committee.

What about an internship instead of a thesis or tests?

Students starting the M.A. program before Fall 2003 can choose to do an internship instead of a thesis or tests as a final project. Students starting during Fall 2003 or later may do an internship for credit, but it cannot be used as a final project in lieu of tests or a thesis. Here are Mathematics Department procedures for an M.A. internship.