Departmental M.A. Internship Procedures

Students admitted before Fall 2003 may satisfy degree requirements by doing an internship instead of writing a thesis, or taking tests. Following is the description of the internship option from the Graduate Catalog.

c. (Internship Option): Serve a departmentally approved internship requiring advanced mathematical applications, and submit a detailed follow-up professional report. The internship must last at least one semester.

Students admitted after Fall 2003 may still do an internship, but it will not count for completion of degree requirements.

In order to complete an internship, the Department requires the following:

  1. Every student opting for the internship option must have a faculty advisor who is responsible for approving the plan. This approval includes assuring that the internship will require advanced mathematical knowledge.

  2. Before the internship, the student must write a brief proposal, outlining the skills needed for the internship, and detailing the responsibilities of the position. This proposal will be used by the faculty advisor and the internship director to decide whether the student should be allowed to do the proposed internship. The faculty advisor should make sure the student and company or institution offering the internship agree with the description of skills and responsibilities outlined in the proposal.

  3. After the internship, the student shall write a follow-up report detailing the mathematical skills and knowledge required during the internship.

  4. The follow-up report will be read by a committee consisting of three members of the Graduate Faculty, including the advisor. The student must defend this follow-up report in an oral defense before the Committee, after which the committee decides, by majority vote, whether the quality of the internship experience was high enough to be approved.

Our course, MATH 694, Internship, has the following requirements:

Students participating in a graduate internship must be registered for this course. Only by registering for this course can a master's student earn credit for the internship option.

Here is a list of what must be determined or accomplished before an internship can be approved.

  1. Departmental faculty advisor and non-departmental employer supervisor.
  2. Proposal, including mathematical skills.
  3. Time, place and duration of the internship.
  4. Remuneration, especially for a GTA.
  5. Enrollment in MATH 694.