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Math Department
Degrees/Awards Ceremony 2008


Winners/graduates appear with Professor Riedel,
Chair of the Math Department.


(awardees/graduates marked by * are not pictured)

Below, a view of the math commons room before the ceremony.

Award/Degree Winner/Graduate
Ken F. and Sandra S.
Hohman Fellowship
Timothy Brauch

Chenchen Shen

Lyle Smith
Matthew Zapf
Robert J. Bickel Scholarship Amanda Sutherland
C. Coleman Petty Scholarship Austin Levi Carver

Brian Hamilton*
Lois Pedigo Scholarship Nathan Olds
Mary Ruth Brookover Award Lindsey Strobo
William Marshall Bullitt Scholarship Joseph Moore
Ph.D. Fariba Nowrouzi*
Ph.D. Chrisitiana Petrou*
Ph.D. Mussie Tesfamicael*
Ph.D. Lesley Wiglesworth
M.A. Reta Bogale*
M.A. John Cochran*
M.A. Noha El-Zehiry*
M.A. Finley Freibert*
M.A. Kelly Funk
M.A. Fadden Holden*
M.A. Kim Meyer
M.A. Rebekah Musselwhite*
M.A. Andre Ritchie*
M.A. Gouxin Tang

Commons Room 2008

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