1999 Fall Colloquium Series

Tentative Schedule

Unless noted otherwise, all talks are in the Natural Science Building (NS), Room 212E 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM. Refreshments are in NS 224, 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM.

January 21, 2000
Professor Jacek Wesolowski
Technical University of Warsaw
Additive damage models within a Banach algebra framework
Host: Dr. Greg Rempala

January 28, 2000
Professor Slawomir Soletski
Indiana University
Haar null sets: a measure theoretic notion of smallness on non-locally compact groups
Host: Dr. Michal Morayne

February 4, 2000
Professor Stan Burris
University of Waterloo
The algebra of Boole
Host: Dr. Keith Kearnes

February 11, 2000
Professor Daniel Curtin
Northern Kentucky University
Rafael Bombelli of Bologna: l'Algebra, solution of equations, and the beginnings of the complex numbers
Host: Dr. Richard Davitt
Prof. Curtin will give a Math Club talk on Feb. 11 at 12:00. This talk is entitled
Mathematical Kombat: Who solved the cubic equation, and why fight about it?

February 25, 2000
Professor Richard Schelp
University of Memphis
The Size Ramsey Number
Host: Dr. Jeno Lehel

March 3, 2000
Professor Daniel Otero
Xavier University, Ohio
(To be announced)
Host: Dr. Richard Davitt (Remark: Prof. Otero will give a Math Club talk on Mar. 3 at 12:00.)

March 24, 2000
Professor Noel Walkington
Carnegie Mellon University
Modeling solid-fluid mixtures
Host: Dr. Marianne Korten

March 31, 2000
Professor Laszlo Szekely
University of South Carolina
Erdös on unit distances
Host: Dr. Jeno Lehel

April 14, 2000
Professor Babu Nahata
University of Louisville, Department of Economics
Market Structure and Allocative Efficiency
Host: Dr. Prasanna K. Sahoo

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