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Csaba Biro
Jiaxu Li
   Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Partially Ordered Sets
   ODE's, Functional DE's, Dynamical systems, Math. Biology & Medicine

Beth Bradley
Jinjia Li
   Differential Equations
   Commutative Algebra, Algebraic Geometry

Udayan Darji
Alica Miller
   Measure Theory, Topological Dynamics, Permutations
   Topological Dynamics

Ryan Gill
Robert Powers
   Change-Point Problems, Generalized Linear Models
   Mathematical Social Choice

Changbing Hu
Thomas Riedel
   PDE's, Fluid Mechanics, Control Theory
   Functional Equations, Posets

André Kézdy
Prasanna Sahoo
   Graph Theory, Combinatorics   
   Functional Equations, Inequalities on Algebraic Structures, Mathematical Statistics, Image Processing

Ewa Kubicka
Steven Seif
   Graph Theory, Combinatorics
   Complexity, Universal Algebra, Semigroups

Grzegorz Kubicki
Daniel Smith
   Graph Theory, Combinatorial Geometry, Optimal Stopping
   Multivariate Public Key Cryptography

Hamid Kulosman
David Swanson
   Commutative Algebra
   Real Analysis, PDE's

Lee Larson
Cristina Tone
   Real Analysis
   Probability, Stochastic Processes, Limit Theorems, Random Fields

Kiseop Lee
Jake Wildstrom
   Financial Mathematics, Stochastic Analysis, Market Microstructure
   Combinatorics, Logistics

Bingtuan Li
Youngzhi Xu
   DE's, Mathematical Biology
   Applied Partial Differential Equations, Inverse Scattering Problems, Acoustic Imaging, Cancer Modeling

Wei-Bin Zeng
   Probablity and Statistics, Wavelets, Functional Equations


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