Csaba Biro

Associate Professor
Natural Sciences Building, 115
Office phone:
(502) 852-2730
my first name dot my last name at louisville dot edu

Why are you visiting this website?

If you are student, who is taking my class, all class information is on Blackboard. This definitely includes the class Syllabus (a must read), and in most cases, assignments, grades, and everything else.

If are looking for one of my papers, you may be able find a copy on arXiv. If you can't find it there, send me an email. There is a good chance I can send you a copy.

If you are a graduate student (or anybody else) interested in working with me, check out my research. As of December 2020, I already have two PhD students, so I can't accept any more, but that doesn't mean you can't discuss ideas with me. If you are in Louisville, feel free to drop by my office.

If you are a background checker, or anybody else trying to check me out, or figure out who I am, here are a couple of things I'm interested in.