MATH 422-Sections 1, Numerical Analysis II, Spring 2007.

Instructor: Dr. Changbing Hu, Cheek hall 22M, 836-6037, Email:

Office hours: MWF 10:00-11:00pm, Otherwise by appointment.

Class time and place: MWF 11:00-11:50pm, Chek 171(MF)/174(W).

Course web page:

Textbooks: Numerical Mathematics and Computing, 5th Edition, by Cheney and Kincaid. The student is strongly encouraged to read the material either just covered, or, to be covered before the class period.

Prerequisites: MTH 303, MTH421.

Course Description: Splines, solution of initial and boundary value problems in ODEs and PDEs, simulation, and optimization. The software MATLAB will be the official programming language. No knowledge of this software or programming is required.

Homework: Homework assignments will be assigned after each class period (available on the course homepage), will be collected and BUT NOT GRADED (possibily the completeness will be inspected only). The student is urged to finish all the assigned homework since they are the only way for you to digest what has been taught. Our following quizzes and exams will be heavily based on the homework. A set of complete and nicely written homework will be excellent evidence for your hard-working and affect your final grade especially when you are on some edge scores.

Quizzes: will be given on each Friday except exam week, which will cover PREVIOUS material (not covered in previous quiz). Usually they will be at the end of the class.

Exams: There will be 3 in-class exams and a final comprehensive exam. Dates are below. Keep track of our Day-to-Day schedule.

Projects: There will be some projects assigned and graded, for which the MATLAB will be intensively used. These projects may done in small groups, each member in one group will receive the same grade.


Exam 1
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Exam 2
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Exam 3
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Your letter grade ranges will be standard: 100%-A-90%-B-80%-C-70%-D-60%-F
* Based on your performance in the class (including homework and attendance), a certain amount of bonus will be given and taken into your final grades, will play the role in case of borderline scores.

Attendance and make-up policy: Students are expected to attend each class for the entire period. Attendance will be randomly recorded and be reflected in your final grades. In case of absence, the student is responsible for any material covered or announcements made in class. Make-ups for exams and quizzes will only be given if the student can provide a well-documented excuse before quizzes/exams, and contact the professor within two weekdays after them, otherwise the student forfeits his or her right to a make-up.

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