2nd Announcement


We are pleased to announce the POSTECH Workshop on Coding Theory, POSTECH, Pohang, South Korea.

Please let me know your information about the lodging schedule by 11/15. I already made a reservation for two nights (12/8 and 12/9). But if you want to stay only one night, please report me immediately. You will pay for the expense of the lodging if you do not request it from me.

Please circulate this announcement for those who are interested in the workshop, and let them contact me for further information.


Start on Dec. 9, 2011 (Morning), end on Dec. 10, 2011 (Afternoon).

Confirmed speakers:

Dae San Kim (Sogang University) with  students Dongchan Kim, Yosik Jung

Young Ho Park (Kangwon National University) with students Hwan Hyeok Choi, Sook Young Park

Seon Jeong Kim (Kyeong Sang National University)

Ling San (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

Jong Yoon Hyun (Ewha W. University)

Eun Ju Cheon (Kyeong Sang National University)

Kwankyu Lee (Chosun University)

Sunghyu Han (Korea University of Technology and Education)

Dong Yeol Oh (Hanbat University)


Hyun Kwang Kim (POSTECH, Korea)

Jon-Lark Kim (University of Louisville, US and POSTECH)

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Ʒ е ڿ 11/15ϱ ˷ ֽø ϰڽϴ. ϴ (12/8), ݿ (12/9) ξ, Ϸ Ͻô ˷ֽñ ٶϴ. ûϽ ʴ е ں ϼž մϴ.

ٸ е߿ Ͻñ⸦ Ͻô 11/30ϱ ˷ֽñ ٶϴ.

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2011  12 9  ݿ ؼ ı

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Ling San (̰) (confirmed)

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(University  of Louisville & )