The Real Analysis Exchange accepts electronically submitted manuscripts either on disk or by e-mail. Because of our very limited resources and time, such submissions must strictly follow some guidelines. The files available here are intended to help our contributors follow those guidelines.

The Exchange is produced using LaTeX with specially written style files. These style files have been set up in such a way that a manuscript written with the usual article style can be easily changed to work with our style files. But, it makes the editor's jobs even easier if the papers are submitted already using our styles.

The style file we encourage people to use is called rae.cls. It is designed to work with the current version of LaTeX, often called LaTeX2e. This is the style which will continue to be improved.

The style file for use with the older LaTeX 2.09 is called rae.sty. It will no longer be updated, and may be discontinued in the near future. The best course for people having problems with it is to update their LaTeX to a more current version.

The documentation for both of them is in a LaTeX file called raedoc.tex. It is written as an example of how to use the style files, and will compile with either version. Besides showing how to use the style files, it also has some general advice on how to prepare an electronic manuscript for submission to the Exchange. The documentation is also available as, a precompiled and compressed PostScript document.

These files are maintained by Lee Larson. Please email him questions about LaTeX requirements, or report problems with these files.